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Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Buying Polish Zloty (PLN)

One of the unavoidable problems that affects everybody moving to Poland at some point is changing money back and forth into Polish zloty (PLN).

If you are living in Poland and earning in PLN then it’s not so bad – you probably only need to change small amounts of currency when travelling.

If however (like me) you live in Poland but earn British pounds (GBP) then you have the continual headache of changing part of this income into PLN and constantly watching the exchange rates.

Also, if you are setting up a home in Poland you may well need to move a large sum as a one-off transaction to purchase a house.

It’s in exactly these scenarios that a currency broker comes in handy.

The advantages of using a currency broker:

  • Your broker watches the markets for you.  A good broker will call you when the market moves in your favour in case you have funds to move.
  • Your broker will have better rates than your local bank because they are currency specialists.

How do I find a broker that I can trust with my life savings?

Good question.  I had the same problem when I bought my house a couple of years back.  I didn’t have anyone in a similar situation that I could ask for a recommendation so I looked up a couple of the bigger names on Google and asked on some internet forums.  I got a couple of different quote and in the end decided to use Currency Solutions.  Martin Fox is my personal broker there and the Polish Zloty specalist.

I have been very happy with Martin to date which is why I still use him to convert my GBP salary into PLN every couple of months.  I am therefore happy to recommend Martin on my blog.  Currency Solutions offers:

  • Optimum exchange rates giving substantial savings over equivalent bank transactions
  • Fast priority transfers
  • No commission fees
  • In-depth market analysis and forecast recommendations
  • One personal broker – one point of contact

To get in contact with Martin call him on +44 20 7740 0000 or see the Currency Solutions website.

Please mention to Martin when contacting him.

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